Bec, a family business founded in 1982 in Forlì in the heart of the Wellness Valley

From the beginning, for us BeC the health and beauty of the skin is a serious thing, on which we invest the daily research in our laboratories. Bec offers different lines of vegetable, organic and natural cosmetics products ranging from face and body care, personal hygiene, products for pregnant mothers, children, sports, to solar up to the wide assortment of food supplements, whose formulations are tailored to the specific needs of the person. All product lines are born from listening to the precise needs of the customer and are all certified, guaranteed in safety and quality as well as being highly performing. Research does not remain isolated within the walls of scientific laboratories, but is at the service of the customer through medical assistance, operational advice and continuous training for retailers, beauticians, and sports centers. Each client is metaphorically transported into a universe of well-being, beauty and naturalness. We believe in the choice of ingredients of excellence of the territories, expertly transformed by the hands of our experts. Quality and Research distinguish us by only one goal: effectiveness. A sensory journey to be discovered among thousands of ingredients that represent the excellence of our territory merged with those from every corner of the Planet.

Born BeC

The founders of BeC created the first cream in a blender in the home kitchen and, over the years, make use of the greatest professionals from the world of natural cosmetics, thus creating a family business, now become a reference point in Italian cosmeceuticals. BeC with 4 research laboratories, maintains solid vegan and vegetarian values, organic and natural, taking care of everything from design to manufacturing, up to distribution.

BeC is online!

Always by your side on a date that has forever changed the way you communicate, inform and shop. A new way to share our love for nature and transmit well-being.

Dietary supplements

We explore nature to find revolutionary formulas that take care of the person and truly meet their needs. These are not magic formulas, but the scrupulous search for the best raw materials and their skilful combination, the result of 40 years of experience. From here comes the line of Food Supplements that is divided into 13 references all packaged in vegetable gelatin capsules, without dyes and preservatives, produced in a controlled aseptic atmosphere. All supplements are certified Vegan and No-Doping.

Born Terra biocare

Terra biocare is a biological line, dedicated to all those who want to approach a more conscious, ethical and eco-sustainable lifestyle. Born from the need to combine in a biological product respect for the environment and the effectiveness of the product performance.


New Holistic Line based on aromatherapy. A multi-sensory journey to discover emotions, in which precise protocols become real exaltations of emotional well-being, relaxation and beauty. Exclusive natural products, based on absolute and pure essential oils, selected and expertly combined for the harmonious olfactory balance.


The company celebrates the first 40 from the date of its foundation with a line of celebratory gadgets "40 ANNIVERSARY". In the first 40 BeC has become a consolidated reference point in natural well-being. He has always maintained the founding values and his mission towards the balance between man and nature, while renewing himself daily in an approach of continuous improvement, guided by scientific research and love of life.

BeC Natura

Where Nature Meets Science


At the basis of each BeC formula is respect. Respect is not only for the balance of our body, but also for the planet in which we live. For this reason, BeC natura products are formulated with the purest natural ingredients, are free of products of animal origin or that have caused suffering, are free of GMOs and are all certified Vegetarian Quality and V-Label Vegan. In addition, each of our activities is certified by an Environment-Quality system ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

Terra biocare

Respect for the environment and the planet


Organic line dedicated to all those who want to approach a more conscious, ethical and eco-sustainable lifestyle. This is how an innovative concept of beauty is born: an advanced and biocompatible technology that creates the perfect symbiosis between man and nature, against all kinds of exploitation and cruelty. Terra biocare products pass strict controls and are ECOCERT Grenlife certified according to its own specification and according to the COSMOS specification. More than 97% of the ingredients are of natural origin and at least 95% of the ingredients of agricultural origin processed by physical means (PPI) comes from organic farming.



The SPAZIOTEMPO brand is based on the emotional vibrational olfactory communication of essential oils. The SETTESSENZE line consists of seven holistic massage oils and seven corresponding concentrated emotional oils. Each of the oils is developed on an emotional vibrational agreement based on seven essential or absolute oils conveyed in seven vegetable oils. The route also includes two vibrational waters, each based on the agreement of seven essences harmonized in water. Finally, the line is completed with a massage gel, the result of the agreement of essential oils and plant extracts in water. To ensure the highest emotional purity each product contains only natural plant ingredients, is certified Vegan and is free of artificial colors and perfumes.